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At, we have a unique 30-day typing exercise that is systematically designed to learn touch typing fast. No matter if you are a QWERTY user or a Dvorak or Colemak user, we have different typing exercises for all.

What makes us different?

Most of the typing test applications use a set of words. Although the applications shuffled the words before every typing session, they actually use the same database to conduct every typing practice session. That means every time you practice on the same set of words. That's why it shows a much better result than your actual performance.

To handle this problem we introduce an advanced typing test application that uses your input to conduct a typing test session. Here you can import your own data and practice with it. It is the most effective way to practice touch typing as here you will get fresh data every time.

Also, we have several dedicated numbers typing test applications that calculate your 10-key performance. These applications are great for people who work in postal, accounting, banking, or marketing departments or anywhere where they need to type numbers frequently.

We have a set of exciting typing games that attract kids' focus and help them to practice for a long time.

What typing test app you should choose?

We have 2 different types of typing applications, where you can practice typing or check your typing speed and accuracy.

The Basic Timed Typing Tests: These tests are designed for those who want to practice typing or check their typing speed and accuracy quickly. For example, our 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes typing test programs are built to track your typing skills quickly.

Touch Typing Vs. Hunt & Peck

Touch Typing Training: This touch typing training program is designed for beginners who want to build a solid foundation in typing. Here you will learn all the rules of touch typing and practice exclusive exercises that enhance finger movements. For those who want to learn touch typing from the beginning, it is the best app.

We have different touch typing training applications for QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak users.

As the 10-key typing is a vital part of touch typing, we recommend it to all touch typing learners. The 10-key typing helps you become proficient in typing numbers and performing calculations quickly and accurately.

Get rid of your queries.

What is the best age to learn touch typing?

The 6 to 12-year-old age group is considered the best age group to learn touch typing. Children in this age group have developed the fine motor skills necessary for typing. They also understand and follow instructions, which is essential for learning the correct typing techniques. However, anybody who has the urge to learn touch typing can start learning and practicing.

Can typing cause carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and shoulder pain?

Yes, typing can contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis and shoulder pain. Prolonged typing, especially with poor posture and an improperly set up workstation, can lead to muscle strain and discomfort.

To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and shoulder pain while typing, we should follow proper ergonomic practices, exercise, and take regular breaks.

  1. Use an adjustable chair with lumbar support.
  2. Position your monitor at eye level to avoid neck strain.
  3. Place your keyboard at a height that allows your wrists to be in a neutral position.
  4. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and elbows at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Take Frequent Breaks.
  6. Do some exercise (wrist, forearm, shoulder, and neck stretches) regularly.
What is the best technique to learn touch typing?

There is no shortcut; you just need to practice more and more to adopt the touch typing method. Practicing regularly and following a strict schedule is the only way to learn touch typing.

Are typing games helpful in learning touch typing?

Typing games are good for beginners. If you are a beginner and want to set your fingers on the keyboard, you can play typing games, which will definitely help your finger movements.

Why should we use a typing test application instead of MS Word?

You may use MS Word to practice typing. In fact, many professional typists prefer MS Word to practice. The only issue with MS Word is it takes too much time to calculate the accuracy and words per minute result, as you need to calculate this manually. A typing application automatically calculates the wpm and accuracy rate, which means using a typing application can save a lot of time.

How is typing speed calculated?

Typing speed is calculated in words per minute. Words in typing speed calculations are considered to be 5 characters long (including spaces and symbols). Imagine a person has typed 300 characters in 2 minutes. That means he typed 300/5 = 60 words in 2 minutes or 30 words in one minute. Now imagine he made errors in 2 words. That means his net WPM is 30 - 2 = 28. And his accuracy rate is (28/30)*100 = 93.4%.

How long will it take to learn the touch typing method?

Different people have different learning abilities, so this may vary person-to-person. Generally, an average person could learn the basics of touch typing within just 30 days.

How to maintain a good accuracy rate?

Slow typing can improve your accuracy rate. When you push yourself to type fast, this may lead to the wrong key press. So, if you want to improve your typing accuracy, never push yourself hard to type fast. Practice regularly, and your typing speed will increase day by day.

Daily, how long should we practice to learn touch typing in 30 days?

Although different people have different learning abilities, generally, an hour of daily practice is enough for most of us. Daily practice duration doesn't matter a lot; what matters the most is how you follow your practice schedule. You have to practice regularly; only then you can improve your typing speed and accuracy.

How long will it take to type at 60 WPM speed?

Depending on your learning ability, this may take three to six months of practicing to reach 60 wpm speed. However, some may take more time.

What is the average typing speed of an adult person, teenagers, coders, and students? And what typing speed is considered fast?

The average typing speed of an adult person is nearly 40 words per minute, teenagers are approximately 35 WPM, programmers is around 54 words per minute, and students' average typing speed is around 34.4 WPM.

Above-average speed can be considered fast typing speed.

How many words per minute does the average office assistant type?

In our survey, we found that an office assistant's average typing speed is approximately 33.93 WPM.

What is the world's fastest typing speed?

According to some journals, Stella Pajunas Garnand is the world's fastest typist, with a typing speed of 216 WPM. According to the Guinness World Record, the fastest typist is Barbara Blackburn, with a top speed of 212 WPM.

How is a typing test done on a government job?

Generally, in a typing examination, a paragraph has been given to the candidate and asked to type it in MS Word. At the end of the session, examiners calculate the wpm and accuracy rate.

What is the minimum typing speed required by most of the employers?

According to a survey, employers expect their employees to be able to type at least 50 words per minute speed.

Is typing 30 WPM a good typing speed?

The average speed of students is around 35 words per minute which means 30 WPM is a below-average speed.

Is it necessary to learn touch typing to make my typing fast?

9 out of 10 fast typists uses the touch typing method. If you want to type fast, you must learn the touch typing method first. Although it is not mandatory, it is definitely helpful.

Why is your typing slow even after practicing a lot?

Before you start practicing, you should learn the touch typing method properly. Once you understand the way of typing and all the rules, you should make a schedule and practice accordingly. If you practice for one day and forget the next day, your typing skill will never improve. So, you have to be consistent.

If you learn the touch typing method and practice regularly following a proper schedule, your typing speed will definitely increase day by day.

How do we use the shift keys to type fast?

To capitalize a letter, use the shift key instead of the caps lock; this will save your time.

Is it essential to use all ten fingers to type?

It is not necessary, although recommended, to use all of your fingers while typing. This will reduce your finger movement and make your typing fast.

Does coding a lot make our typing fast?

Not only coding, if you use the keyboard regularly, your typing speed will definitely increase a little. But if you follow the touch typing method and then practice, your typing speed will increase dramatically.

How does a keyboard affect our typing speed?

Keyboards definitely affect our typing speed, and using a mechanical keyboard can surely increase our typing speed a little. Before choosing a keyboard, check the gap between buttons is big enough. If possible, use a full-sized mechanical keyboard and try to avoid laptop keyboards.

Is it possible to make money online using my typing skills?

Yes, it is. But first, you need to find the right place. To know more about this, please read this article; "How you could earn money online by typing?"

Are typing jobs legit?

Most of the online portals that demand money are generally fake. However, many legit websites provide jobs and pay properly.

What jobs can I do online with my typing skill?

Many online jobs are waiting for you if you have writing skills and a fast typing speed. You may work as a copywriter, content writer, data entry operator or DTP personals.

What sites actually pay for typing and writing jobs?

For online job writing jobs, trust only large freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork; to know more, please read this article; "How to earn money online by typing?"

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