10 key KPH test

Welcome to 10 key KPH test program. Here you can check your KPH speed and practice 10 key typing for free. To practice typing mobile numbers, we have built this special application. This is helpful for those who need to type mobile numbers a lot.



  1. Type the highlighted portion then press enter.
  2. Use the small finger of your right hand to press enter.
  3. Place middle finger over the key "5", your index finger on "4" and ring finger on "6".
  4. Use the small finger to press "+" and "-" keys.

Why 10 key mobile number test?

We have received many requests to create a 10 key mobile number typing application. In many professions, typing mobile numbers is a vital part of their job. So if a person has 7000 – 8000 KPH 10 key speed, he can save a lot of time in his work. This 10 key mobile number typing test program will definitely increase your 10 key speed.

finger position on 10 keypad
Finger position on 10 keypad

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