Typing practice games

The typing practice game is an elementary typing game that is beneficial, especially for beginners. It is built to practice touch typing. So if you are a touch typing student or if you want to learn touch typing but can’t understand where to start, this is the right place for you.

It is a letter typing game where the letters fall from the sky, and your job is to hit the right character on time. Here you will get three life that’s mean you are allowed to make up to 2 mistakes. At the start, the home row letters will fall from the top. Once you hit the letters correctly, some words containing only home row letters will appear. Here your job is to type it as fast as you can. Once you successfully complete this task, you will get upper and lower row letters to type.

What is home row, upper and lower row?

There are three rows of English characters present in a QWERTY keyboard. The top row is “qwertyuiop” the middle row contains “asdfghjkl;” keys and the bottom row contain “zxcvbnm,.” these letters.

In the touch typing method, the typist needs to place their fingers over the home row. And take back their fingers in the home position after hitting every keystroke.

Who can play this game?

Anyone who wants to learn touch typing can play this game. It is not a kid's or adult's typing game. It’s for everyone. If you want to learn touch typing, this game is best for you. This will help to set your fingers on the keyboard and clear your idea about hitting the right key using the right finger.