Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test

Welcome to our unique online typing speed checking and practice engine. Here you can test your typing speed and skill. Beside typing speed testing you can practice typing to improve your performance. We have 3 unique typing speed test system so you can choose as per your requirement. If you are trying to test your typing speed you may use 1 minute or 2 minute testing engine, if you want to practice you may use 5 minutes testing system.

Typing Test - 1 Minute Typing Test - 2 Minutes Typing Test - 5 Minutes Typing Test 10 Minutes

Online Typing Test

Test your typing speed with our Online Typing Test system. Here you will get some important tips to improve your typing skill.

1. The A, S, D, F, and J, K, L, ; keys (on a normal keyboard) represent the base position of your finger. Keyboards have a small bump on the F and J keys. This helps you to locate the base position without looking at the keyboard.
2. Return your fingers to the base position after each key-stroke.
3. Try not to look at the keyboard. Try to find the right key with your fingers using the bump.
4. To type Upper-case letters use shift button instate of Caps Lock.
5. Press the SHIFT key with the little finger to type Upper-case letters and symbols.
6. Practice makes a man perfect, so practice again and again using typing speed test in 5 Minutes.