Online Typing Test

Welcome to our unique online typing test and practice engine. Here you can check your typing speed and skill. Besides typing speed testing, you can practice touch typing to improve your performance.

Typing speed test programs

Typing Test - 1 Minute Typing Test - 2 Minutes Typing Test - 5 Minutes Typing Test - 10 Minutes Advanced typing practice Kruti dev Hindi typing test

We have six unique typing speed test systems so you can choose as per your requirement. To test your typing speed, use 1 minute or 2 minutes testing engine. If you want to practice typing, you may use 10 minutes or 5 minutes English typing test system.

Online typing test

Also, we have a 30 days long free typing lesson where you can learn the touch typing method. We have created this lesson so that you can learn touch typing from the scratches. Also, we have an advanced typing test program where you can practice on your own content. It is best for those who know the basic touch typing but want to improve typing skills.

Practicing is the only way to increase typing speed. However, if you practice blindly, your typing speed will not improve after a specific limit. So before you start practicing, you have to understand the basic things.

Touch typing is the fastest and most accurate typing method. Almost every professional typist follows this method. So if you want to type fast, you have to learn the touch typing method first.

Typing speed test tips

  1. Use the touch typing method.
  2. Use a complete desktop mechanical keyboard (If possible an ergonomic keyboard).
  3. Sit properly.
  4. Follow all the rules of touch typing.
  5. Use all of your fingers to type.
  6. Use 10 key set to type numbers and symbols.
  7. To capitalize letters use the shift key.
  8. Don't push yourself hard to type fast. This may reduce the accuracy rate.
  9. Practice more and more.

What is touch typing?

The touch typing is the way where the typist memorizes the keyboard layout. During the typing session, they only focus on the source. Typing without looking at the keyboard is a skill, and if you want to be a professional typist, you have to adopt it first.

What to do for a new typing learner?

If you are a beginner, this may be very difficult for you, so I suggest you join our 30 days free typing lessons to learn from the very beginning. In this lesson, you will learn all the rules of touch typing and practice on our unique exercises to set your fingers on the keyboard.

On the other side, if you know the rules of touch typing and want to further enhance your typing speed, practice in our advanced typing program. It is also helpful for the teachers to take classes using this online typing test application.

Is the online typing test program helps to increase typing speed?

In simple words, no. This type of program can only check your typing speed. If you want to increase your typing speed, you have to practice. But of course, you can use these online typing test programs to practice typing.

Many of you may wonder why I should use a typing application when I have MS word, and I can practice it. That's right; you can use any word processing software to practice typing. But I suggest using our online typing test engine to train yourself as this gives you the complete WPM and accuracy report to rectify your mistakes. Although you can also get the error report in MS Word, you have to calculate it manually every time you practice. And this could kill your time and interest to practice.

A major mistake that almost every student does, by focusing on the speed only. It would be best if you concentrate on the error-free typing. Remember, accuracy is more important than typing speed. For example, if you have 100 WPM speed but an accuracy rate of just 85%, that's mean you need a very long time to rectify the errors. So ultimately, you can see that your average typing speed will decrease a lot.

So I always tell the students to focus on the accuracy only. If you do practice regularly, your typing speed will increase automatically.

Some common queries of typing learners.

What is the best method of typing?

According to professional typists, touch typing is the best method of typing. But many good typists use the Hybrid technique(the combination of Touch Typing and Hunt & Peck).

Why do we use the QWERTY keyboard, and not ABCDE?

In the early days, to type a document, we used the typewriter. Here the paper was rolled on a roller. The actual printing process was done behind the eye of the typist. So if the typist made any error, he needs to scroll the paper up, find the fault, and then re-position the paper correctly, which is almost impossible.

So the people were looking for a solution. They want to slow down the typing speed so that the possibilities of doing error will drop. That's how they develop the QWERTY layout, and we are using this layout still in 2020. You may read this post to learn more about the QWERTY keyboard layout.

What time will this take to learn typing and achieve 30 WPM speed?

Actually, this depends on several factors. First, what typing method you are using to practice? Another thing is the schedule you follow. If a person follows the touch typing method and practices at least 2 hours a day, he can effortlessly achieve 30 WPM speed within two months. But this may vary from person to person as the different persons have different learning abilities.

What is the average typing speed of a typist?

We did a complete survey this year to find the students' office workers, programmers, and professional typists' average typing speed. The result that we found is quite impressive; we found that the average typing speed of students is around 35 WPM, and typist is approximately 53 WPM. You may read the full paper here.

How long did it take you to type in 65 WPM speed?

It is tough to say the exact time. But if you can practice regular 2 hours consecutively for six months, you may reach 65 WPM speed.

What is the fastest typing speed anyone has achieved?

As per the Guinness world records, Barbara Blackburn is the world's fastest typist with a top speed of 212 WPM. According to the IBM corp., Stella Pajunas Garnand is the quickest typist by typing 216 words in one minute. She made this record in 1946.

What keyboard should I use to practice typing?

There is no particular keyboard you need to practice typing. But it's good to use a desktop full-function keyboard. And if possible, use a PS-2 keyboard because PS-2 port responds faster than USB.

What is the benefit of learning typing?

There are many benefits of knowing to type. First of all, if you are a writer or a programmer, you have to have a good typing speed. Similarly, a good typing speed can be beneficial to the person who is preparing for a professional exam.

If you are already in any job, a good typing speed can give you an additional boost for your promotion. Finally, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. So it's good to acquire knowledge.