2 Minute typing test to check typing WPM speed

Keyboard - 2 minute typing test
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How does this typing test 2 minutes program help?

Hello, and welcome to online 2 minute typing test program. It is a platform to practice touch typing and checking your performance within just two minutes. This typing WPM test application was developed to enhance your typing ability and your interest in typing.

As it takes just 2 minutes to check your typing speed, you can use it anytime, anywhere. You don't need to wait for the right time to practice. As this application has over 1000 most common English words in its databank, you will get new words every time you use it.

Before practicing, you should know all the rules of typing and the process to increase your typing speed. Probably you hear the term "Touch typing". It is the fastest typing method. And all professional typists use this method to type. So we strongly recommend the touch typing method to type. If you know this method, it's excellent! Otherwise, learn it.

Once you adopt the touch typing method, use our online typing test 2 minutes application to test your typing skill. Although besides testing, you can also practice typing here, we recommend using the typing test 10 minutes or 5 minutes program to practice.

Typing test in 2 minutes

The keyboard layout can also influence your typing a lot. Generally, we use the QWERTY keyboard layout. And according to some typists (Dvorak lovers), it is not very best to type. That's why they advise using either the Dvorak or the Colemak layout, although the fastest typing record was made by Stella Pajunas Garnand by using a QWERTY keyboard in 1946.

I believe that dedication, consistency, and self-confidence are the ultimate things that can help you reach your desired result. So let's start practicing typing and know your typing speed in just 2 minutes. If you have any suggestions to improve this 2 minutes typing test program, feel free to inform us.