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14 August 2018Admin

Typing is an essential thing for all of us who use a computer in their daily life. This free touch typing course will help you to understand the process of typing and the way to boost your typing speed

Nowadays a computer is a necessity of our lives and we can't live even a day without it. But sometimes it feels irritating to type any project or any article. If you analyze the reason for your reluctance, you will find your slow typing speed and wrong process of typing.

Fast typing speed mean fast communication. Our recent analysis proved that your typing speed can reduce your working time by up to 50%. That's why we designed this special touch typing course to speed up your typing.

Now, what is the reason for your slow typing speed? Did you ever try to find out? The only reason is your wrong typing pattern. Generally, we don't take any lesson on typing. We learn it on our own and that's why we can't properly learn the grammar of touch typing.

So I think, now you can understand, to boost your typing speed you need to learn the practical way of typing.

touch typing course

How to use your fingers while touch typing?

It is very significant to use all of your fingers while typing. If you look carefully on the keyboard, you will find a small part of plastic elevated on the "F" and "J" keys. This makes these keys unique and you can easily feel these keys even without looking on the keyboard.

Now place your right index finger on "J" key and left index finger on "F" key. Put the middle finger of your right hand on "K" and middle finger of the left hand on "D". Place your ring fingers on "L" and "S" respectively.

Similarly, now you have to make space for your small fingers. Keep the small finger of your right hand on ";" and the small finger of your left hand over "A".

This position is called home position and the row of keys where your finger pointed is called home row. After making every keystroke you need to back your fingers to the home position.

Now start typing slowly. Don't try to type fast, if you understand the key position your speed will automatically increase.

Another most important thing is your sitting position. Your sitting position can make a huge difference in your touch typing speed. Always sit straight, without relaxing your body. Don't keep the keyboard on too much high or low position. And look straight.

sitting position while touch typing

Finally, this will need consistency to learn touch typing. If you don't make any schedule to practice typing, you will never be an expert typist. Keep at least 1 hour completely dedicated for practice typing.

Sometimes the keyboard can also play a great role to improve your typing ability. To find my another article on best typing keyboard click here. If you follow these simple steps, you will become an expert typeset shortly.

Touch typing course summary

  1. Look at the screen and not the keyboard while typing. This is a fundamental rule of touch typing.
  2. Don't try to type fast. If you practice regularly your typing speed will automatically increase day by day.
  3. Use all of your fingers while typing.
  4. Use the shift key to make block letters. use your small finger to press shift.
  5. To press space key use your thumb.

Hope now you understand the authentic way of typing. Regular practicing for just 3 months can increase your typing speed up-to 130%. So never loose hope and keep practicing.

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