Typing racing game

This is a simple typing racing game that will help and inspire you to practice typing and make it faster. It’s a simple game where you will have three other opponents, and your task is to bit all of them and take the first position.

How to play

You will find the words in the red box. You need to type the highlighted word in the word submit section. The fastest you type, the quicker your car will move forward. But you have to type the correct word. The car will not move for the wrong words, and the time to type the word will west completely. So check each word and type correctly.

bubble typing game

How to play fast?

  1. Carefully observe the highlighted word
  2. Use the touch typing method to play this typing car race game.
  3. Try not to hit the wrong letter as this will west some of your time.
  4. Play this game daily so that you will become familiar with the key positions on the keyboard.

How will this typing racing game help you?

When you play this game, you need to type fast and correctly to move your car and win the race. That’s mean it insists you to type quickly and accurately. People, especially kids, love to play computer games. As playing games are full of fun, it is an excellent way of learning. Parents who want to teach their child typing should insist their kids playing this game.

Things to understand before playing this game;

This is a typing racing game that helps you to type fast and accurately. But you must understand this fact that you have to know all the rules of touch typing to make your type faster. Although you may use the hunt & peak method, we recommend using the touch typing method to practice. If you are a beginner and don’t know the touch typing method, visit this page. If your fingers are still not set correctly on the keyboard, you may try our Fast Key typing game. It is built to set fingers on the keyboard.

What aged people can play this game?

Anyone who wants to type fast can play this game.  It is a beautiful racing game, and that’s why everyone, especially kids, loves this.

Lastly, this game is for those who know at-lest the basics of touch typing. If you are a beginner, we suggest you learn touch typing first and then play it to get the full benefit.