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Typing war game

Do you know a recent study reveals regular typing can develop the cognitive ability of the brain? That is why it is an essential and attractive thing to learn. The Typing War Game is one of the most implicit ways to help your child learn faultless typing with enhanced speed. So, you have more reasons than one to play the game!

How to play the Typing War Game? 

The typing war game is more like playing video games, where you have to save the earth from the falling missiles carrying the words. Follow the simple steps to start the game:

  1. Hit the "Play" button to start the game 
  2. Multiple missiles will start falling towards the ground from the sky 
  3. Press the words carrying by the missiles 
  4. Don't let them hit the ground otherwise; you will lose
  5. It will give you five chances to save the ground
  6. You snooze you lose
  7. Use both the hands to score high 
  8. Repeat 

Typing is equally important for kids, teens, adults, and professions, so anyone from any age and background can play the game. This game will keep you engaged while increasing your typing speed.

Reasons for playing the typing war game

Today it is hard to keep kids away from gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. New-age parents can leverage the power of typing games to increase their kids' typing speed without putting extra pressure.

This game will naturally arouse interest to learn the keyword positioning and gradually help your child gain the typing speed. The game's eye-soothing background will keep your child engaged while the speed of the falling missiles will increase slowly.

The typing war game will help the player building valuable skills other than increasing typing speed; hand-eye coordination is one of them. It will also improve the player's long term mental health as they overcome speed with each level. This touch-type game will help a considerable time of the player in studies, which will help him communicate better.

What is the ideal age to play the game? 

As a parent, if you are looking for the answer, don't worry, and you can let your kid start earlier.

You can allow them to play the game after five to six years of age when they start showing affection for playing online games. It will bring the joy of being independent to all aged persons. Whether you are a teen or a college pass out looking to speed up your typing speed, instead of taking dictation or copying from the newspaper, you can simply rely on the game, which will do the rest seamlessly.

Now that technology has become the heart of communication, kids and adults must learn the art of expressing things in writing. In this situation, playing the typing game will be extremely beneficial since it's both engaging and fun; also, it is a great stress buster.

Is the game appropriate for adults?

Yes, of course, no matter what your age or profession is, you can start playing the game anytime from anywhere. The designers of the gamification especially make it suitable for all aged players since games are always engaging to play. Playing this game regularly is not less than a healthy mental exercise. So, why not give it a try?

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