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Bubble typing game

The Bubble Typing game is a creative and engaging game that aims to increase typing speed. Players won't feel the extra pressure of learning the positing of hands; a few times, practice will provide utmost perfection in typing. Easy to play and a lot of fun, faster and more accurate typing is just a matter of time.

How to play the Bubble Typing Game?

bubble typing game
The bubble game

This is one of the easiest and exciting touch typing game available on the internet. Let's see how to play the fun game:

  1. Press the start button on the smiling shark
  2. Observe the letters coming up within the bubbles
  3. Type the characters on your keyboard as fast as possible
  4. If you miss you will hear a sound similar to a bubble burst
  5. First, single letters will come, then it will increase to double and triple letters
  6. You will have five chances in each try
  7. The faster you will type the letters, the more score you will get
  8. Practice repeatedly for perfection

Learning benefits of this game is enormous; while you focus on typing the letters, your brain will remember its position. Each bubble contains a different letter that helps you understand the positing of every letter at one go. Before applying for a typist job or preparing your office presentation, you will get instant benefits if you play the game for a couple of times.

Reasons for Playing the Bubble Typing Game

If your child is addicted to smartphone or computer gaming, let them play the game to channelize their energy in the right path. The background of the game is perfect for engaging the player. While playing the game, you have to focus on different keyboard areas, which contribute to increased knowledge.

You can learn at your own pace, hit the letters in the keyboard shown in the popping bubble. One of the best parts of this game is anyone can play the game; there is no age bar. The main idea is to type the letters without seeing the keyboard so that players can remember the letters' positioning. This game is the fun version of any typing test; you can either play the single game or add with your regular keyboard learning programs.

Who can play the game?

There is no particular age limit to play the touch-type game; this game is suitable for all.

If adults think that they can easily beat the game can try their hands one, it's very engaging and tricky, and you will see the effect after a couple of tries. Bubble game is a creative method to indulge the learners of all ages from multiple backgrounds.

The purpose of the game is to provide a pace for the learners to learn comfortably without thinking much; games are always helpful for fast learning at an exciting pace. So start playing the game today and take a step forward towards fast typing.

typing bubble game Can kids play the game?

After learning the letters, this game will be perfect for kids if they show addiction towards digital gadgets let them play the game for engaged learning. If they play this game regularly, they won't ask your help in typing their school projects. You can also play the game together with your kid for a healthy competition.

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