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Kamikaze Typing Game - typing attack game

The Kamikaze typing game is one of the most engaging typing attack games among other educational games. It helps enjoyably strengthen our typing skills.

Though the game was created for the use of all who have just started to learn touch typing technique, it also helps others who have good typing knowledge. 

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Origin of the game

Kamikaze was a part of the Japanese military during the 2nd World War. This suicidal unit was created to destroy mainly the enemies’ naval units.

Summary of the game

The kamikaze typing game is one of the best typing attack games to learn touch typing. Here some kamikaze fighter planes attack a ground tank. You have to destroy the plane before it hit the tank. Each kamikaze fighter plane contains a word and you need to type the particular word to destroy the plane. You have a total of 3 lives. That means once the third plane hit your tank, the game will be over.

Here you will find five difficulty levels that are created for beginner to expert-level typists. Select the appropriate difficulty according to your capability and start playing.

How to play

You don't have to be an expert to play the game. You need to follow some easy steps similar to all other typing games. To play this game first, you need to open the game.

  1. The first thing you need to do is read the fingers position guideline and place your fingers accordingly.
  2. Select the difficulty level. The easiest level is appropriate for the beginner.
  3. Then hit the start option displayed on the screen.
  4. The kamikaze fighter planes will come from the left side of the screen containing two letter words.
  5. You need to destroy the target by typing the word.
  6. As three lives are there so you can miss a maximum of two words.
  7. The game will be over after missing the third word.
  8. The rule is the same, but the word length will increase at every difficulty level.

How will this game help the user?

The game is developed to help all who want to improve their typing skill. In the easiest level, the target will come with a two-letter word. That will help the beginner to type while watching the keyboard. The number of letters will increase at each level, so here you have endless opportunities to enhance your capability.

When you play this game using the touch typing method you actually practice touch typing. Typing is monotonous work but playing games is not. Everyone loves to play computer games. So, it is the easiest way to practice touch typing while enjoying the game.

As kids generally love to play games, it is the best way to teach your kids the touch-typing technique.

What typing method should we follow to play this game?

Touch typing is the fastest typing method and almost every professional typist uses this. So, to type fast and accurately we strongly recommend the touch-typing method. Place your fingers as shown in the figure. Also, press the particular key with a particular finger and remember to get back your fingers every time after a keystroke.

Finger position on keyboard

The ideal age to play this game.

The game is suitable for everyone. Everybody who loves to play computer games can play this educational game. Those who want to increase their typing speed and improve accuracy can play this game. It is also helpful to dissolve the monotony and uplift your mood while boosting your keyboarding skill.

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