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Meteor typing game - typing attack game

The meteor typing game is one of the best typing attack games to learn touch typing. This will help you to increase your typing speed as well as your attention and concentration power. The target containing words will come from the right side of the display and you have to press the right keys to eliminate the target.

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How to play the meteor typing game?

The game is too easy for the beginner. You need to open the game fast.

  1. Need to select the difficulty level and then press the start button.
  2. Place the fingers on the home keys.
  3. Type the words appearing on the screen.
  4. Once you destroy a meteor, the score will increase by 1 point.
  5. After achieving mastery on one level you will move on to another level automatically.
  6. Hit all the meteors otherwise, this will hit your spaceship and you will lose your life.
  7. Your spaceship has a total of 3 lives.

The meteors (target) will come from the right side of the screen. Initially, the targets consist of two-letter words. Once you successfully overcome the first level the three-letter words will appear. Gradually the level will increase and larger words will arrive after destroying all the meteors in the previous level.

Before starts playing this game see the image below and you will understand what key should be pressed by which finger.

Finger position on keyboard

Benefits of playing the meteor typing game

Learning by playing games is a great experience for everyone. This game will help the beginner to increase their typing speed with an enjoyable method.

Here in this game all you need to save your spaceship from the meteors. Each meteoroid contains a word, you need to type the word before it hits the spaceship.

This simple game helps you to set your fingers on the keyboard and practice touch typing. It is also helpful to improve hand and eye coordination.

If you are a person who wants to improve your typing speed but doesn't want to practice in the traditional boring way must try this game. Just remember to follow the rules of touch typing while playing the game.

Why you should play this typing game?

The concept of this game is, destroying shooting stars. Besides typing practice, this game also helps the person to dissolve their anger while playing the game. The sound of destroying the target propelled the process of anger realize and helps you to get a relaxed mind.

The graphics are designed to attract kids to practice for a long. Soft and engaging music will play in the background while playing the game. That will help you to stronger your attention and concentration power. This music will reduce your monotony and keep you engaged for a long time which will help you to improve your typing skill. The sounds of the destroying targets will encourage you to practice for a long time. If you don't want to listen to the music, you can turn it off.

The theme of this game is unique from all other typing games. It will improve your typing skill with a playful method. You don’t need to practice with the traditional method, follow the touch typing rules and play this game to make your typing better.

Ideal age to play this typing game.

The meteor typing game is one of the best typing attack games to learn touch typing. This is not only helping you to increase your typing skill but also dissolve your anger. The ongoing music will make you relax. So it is a great program for everyone who wants to improve their typing.

The colorful graphics are designed to grab the attention of kids. Although it is a great game to play for all age group people.

Things to keep in mind while playing this typing game.

While playing the game you need to keep in mind that, don’t miss any of the words appearing on the screen. Remember here you have a total of three lives. So after those three chances you need to restart the game.

In the beginning, you might lose all three lives very quickly. But after practicing for a while you will be able to play for a long time. That will help you to increase your typing speed.

Follow the touch typing method properly while playing this game. Using only the touch typing method you can type fast like a professional typist.

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