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Fast Keys - Best typing game for new learners

Fast Keys is a free online touch typing game aimed to increase your keyboard typing speed seamlessly. From kids to adults, anyone can play the game for similar benefits without investing much time. This game is not only easy to play but also incredibly engaging for the learners.

How to play Fast Keys?

This game will encourage you to type the letters without looking into the keyboard; more practicing means more accuracy. Follow the simple steps to play the game:

  1. Press any button to start the game.
  2. Observe the letters appearing on your screen.
  3. Hit the characters on your keyboard as fast as possible.
  4. Try not to look at the keyboard every time.
  5. The moment you will miss a single letter the game will be stopped right there.
  6. Again you have to press any key to re-start the game.
  7. Speed up to score more.

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This simple game is a self-challenging way to increase your keyboard typing without pressurizing your brain. If you are a typing learner, you should try this game once. I am sure you will love it without any doubt. It will help you position your hand to the rarely typing letters as well. So, if you are thinking of applying for your next job, try practicing this game for a couple of hours at least for a week to get maximum benefit.

Reasons for Playing the Fast Keys Game

Playing this typing game has manifold benefits; it increases your typing speed and synchronizes your finger positioning with the letters. The main challenge is to type the letters rapidly without looking into the keyboard frequently. The letters will come in a way you have to type with both the hands to match up the speed.

The faster you type, the more points you get. After a couple of tries, you will be able to type letters like a professional. Playing this game will help the fingers to develop muscle memory with better hand-eye coordination. You can quickly increase your words per minute limit with enhanced accuracy.

If kids learn the positing of each word, they can type faster than others; it will boost self-confidence. So, you have more reasons than one to play the game. Practicing the game will provide better work opportunities both for kids and adults.

Who can play the game?

The Fast key is designed to suit learners from any age and any background. You can make incredible progress in tour typing speed with this game. You can help your kid to take a step towards becoming independent by playing the game, so they will not seek your guidance while typing their school project.

Similarly, adults or researchers looking to solve their typing projects like PPT, thesis, dossier, etc. can play the game for an hour to increase typing speed. The game will keep you focused on achieving your goal. Learning the proper positions on the keyboard can be annoying and painful, but not with the Fast keys, try once to understand it.

Can kids play the game?

The answer is yes; in fact, you must allow your kids to play the game to support a holistic learning approach. Keyboard learning lessons were not that much ever before; you can arrange a short and exciting summer keyboard typing project to improve their typing performance. Healthy competition is always beneficial to learn something new at a higher pace.