Typing Ninja Game

The Typing Ninja Game is perfect for adult players looking to boost their typing speed. Playing this game is a bit tricky, but once you understand the process, it will be seamless after two or three attempts. Playing with your smartphone and faultless typing is not the same, but this game serves both the purpose – learning and entertaining! 

How to play the Typing Ninja Game?

Playing this typing game is easier than you think; besides, it is incredibly engaging. It channelizes your brain towards perfection with each attempt. Read the instruction carefully before starting the game. 

  1. Choose the layout first according to your preference. You may choose between English QWERTY, Dvorak, and Russian keyboard layout.
  2. Adjust the speed according to your typing speed; you can start with one and go up to 9 as the speed increases.
  3. Now hit the “Start” button 
  4. Observe the letters coming from the white panel 
  5. As you hit the moving characters in your keyboard, your point will start to count
  6. In the “Statistic” section you can see how many you have missed and your level of accuracy
  7. You can also check “Most Missed” letters, which will help you perform better from the next attempt. 
  8. Increase your speed and try to match with your best. Come on; you can do better! 

This game will enhance both your typing speed and accuracy at the same time since not only letters you have to type the signage, numbers and the punctuations too. After regularly practicing this game with maximum speed, if you try to type your project or dossier, it will be just a matter of time! 

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Reasons for Playing the Typing Ninja Game

You have more reason than one to play the typing game. Whether you are typing your thesis, or simply preparing your presentation for a vital meeting, typing with a proper speed is always unmatchable. One of the primary reasons for which you must play the game is it allows you to learn at your own pace as you can adjust the speed limit of the letters. 

Even texting on social media comments or writing captions also requires accuracy and typing speed, you know what it means! You can leverage the power of the typing game by regularly practicing it, you can play it anytime from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection. This game is hugely motivating and challenging, perfect for fostering the typing speed flawlessly. 

Who can play the game?

This is a fast keyboard typing game that is best suited for young adults and senior students, together with professionals. 

Job holders looking to speed up their typing skills can play the game as often as they wish since lagging behind your co-workers is not an option. If you are a young writer planning to establish your career in the field of blogging or content writing, playing is the need of the hour. If your child is a writing enthusiast, you can allow them to play the game as it will help them in faultless writing with proper speed. 

Days are gone when we used to write on the keyboard by taking dictations or copying from random paper cuts. Now everyone, no matter the age or background, is self-sufficient, it is like the new normal, you want it, and you get it! Just play the Typing Ninja Game without giving it a second thought. 

Can kids play the game?

Yes, why not? If your kid is a fast learner, this game will help them stand out among others by sharpening their typing speed without any guidance. Fast learning is the new normal for smart kids!