What is the average typing speed?

10 November 2019Admin

People ask me a question several times, what is the average typing speed of a person. You may also think the same question sometimes. People are interested to know others' typing speed to set an example and improve their typing skill. So, in this post, I am going to share some of the statistical data related to typing speed.

A few months back we had conducted a typing survey on over 170 contestants of several age groups. Today I am going to share the result of that survey.

Students (12 to 19 years)

typing speed graph

To conduct this survey we arranged over 70 students and 100 plus working personals from different parts of the world, who use the computer daily. The result was really surprising. We found that over 50 out of 70 students have a typing speed of 20 to 50 WPM. Only 9 students have 50 to 60 WPM typing speed and just 9 students have a typing speed over 60 WPM.

In adults

typing speed graph

On the other side, in adults (not professional typists) we got a comparatively better result. 62 people out of 103 have a typing speed between 20 to 50 WPM. 15 persons have 50 to 60 WPM speed and 15 have over 60 WPM typing speed.

Errors in typing

typing speed graph

Now the error, as you can see in the graph the average error rate is 5.78%. That’s mean 1 out of every 17 or 18 words had a typing error.

Hope this detailed report will encourage you to practice typing more and improve your typing speed. Remember the average typing speed of a professional typist is 60 WPM with more than 98% accuracy rate.