Can anyone type faster than machine shorthand?

07 November 2018Admin

Touch typing is the worlds fastest typing method. Anyone can type 60 to 70 Words per minute by using this typing method. But can a typist type faster than a stenographer?

If you want the answer in one word, it's NO. It is technically not possible to type faster than machine shorthand. But you should know the difference between steno-type and touch typing.

typing or machine shorthand

Understand Touch typing & shorthand

Touch typing is a typing method where the typist type without looking at the keyboard. You need to memorize the keyboard layout to type. Till now it is the fastest typing technique.

Where stenography is not a typing method. It is a technique where the writer uses a shorthand machine called steno writer to write. A steno writer is a machine with a specialized keyboard to type maximum words in limited time.

Both function differently and the uses are also different. So it's not fair to compare this two writing method.

A steno writing keyboard is completely different than a normal keyboard. If you look at the layout, there have very few keys. And writers use these limited keys to type anything. For example, if you want to write the word "call" you have to type "Kall" as the "C" key is not present on the keyboard.

But this typing technique is very similar to touch typing. As here also you have to use both of your hands to type and all the fingers have a home position.

Here the "H" and "R" keys for left forefinger and "F" and "R" keys for the index finger of right hand. "P W" and "P B" are for left and right middle finger. "T K" and "L G" are for the ring finger and "S", "T S D Z" keys for the small finger. The thumb is used to type the vowels (AOEU).

As there have very few keys present on this keyboard, it's possible to type more words in a limited time period. A good stenographer can easily write approx 200 to 220 words per minute. As per Wikipedia, a person from California court makes a record to write American English at 375 wpm speed.

So, I can clearly say that it is not possible to type faster than stenography. But we have to understand that, both are different things with different function and benefits.

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