Top 10 typing hacks you should know

19 December 2022Admin

Typing fast is an essential skill and everyone should learn to type fast, as this skill can save a lot of time and effort. So here in this article, I am going to tell you 10 typing hacks that can make your typing speed really fast.

Top 10 typing hacks

Typing hacks 1: Learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

One of the main mistakes that people made is they looked at the keyboard while typing. This makes your typing slow as you need to look at the source document and then look at the keyboard and then press the keys. To resolve this issue, you need to learn the touch typing technique. Touch typing is a method where the typists memorize the keyboard layout and type without looking at it. Initially, this may reduce your typing speed but eventually, this will increase your typing speed and enhance your typing accuracy.

Typing hacks 2: Use the right finger to hit a particular key.

Wrong finger position is the next common mistake that can make your typing slow. You have 10 fingers and you need to use all of the fingers to type. It is essential to use a particular finger to hit a particular key. If you are not using the proper finger to hit a particular key, the finger traveling distance may increase and that's how your typing speed may slow down.

Finger position

In this image, you can clearly see that "R", "F", "V", "T", "G", and "B" these keys must be pressed by the index finger of your left hand. On the other side "Y", "H", "N", "U", "J", and "M" these keys should be pressed by the right-hand index finger. The middle fingers must hit the "E", "D", "C" & "I", "K", and "comma symbol (,)" keys. Use the ring finger of your left hand to hit "W", "S", and "X" and your right-hand ring finger to press the "O", "L", and "full stop (.)" keys. Use your small fingers to type "Q", "A", "Z" and "P", "semicolon symbol (;)", and "question mark (?)".

Typing hacks 3: Use the Shift key to type capital letters.

When you type a paragraph you need to type some capital letters too. Many of us use the cap lock key to capitalize a letter. But do you know, using the caps lock key can reduce your typing speed? Generally, a paragraph contains only a few capital letter characters. If we use the shift key to capitalize the letter it will save a lot of time.

Typing hacks 4: Use 10-keypad to type numbers and symbols.

If you are looking at a full-sized keyboard you will find a set of numeric keys present on the right side of the keyboard. This key set is called the ten keypad. When you need to type numbers or symbols, this 10-keypad is really helpful. Especially if you are working on accounts or the billing department 10 key typing can save a lot of time and enhance your accuracy.

Look carefully and you will find a small bump over the number key 5. Place the middle finger of your right hand over it. Here you need to use your index finger to hit 7,4,1, and 0 keys, your middle finger to press 8,5,2, and /(divide symbol), and use your ring finger to press 9,6,3 numeric keys and * (multiply), - (subtract), + (Add) symbol keys.

To know more about 10-key typing and practice, use our unique 10 key typing test program.

Typing hacks 5: Proper sitting posture can make your typing fast.

A proper sitting position is essential to make typing fast. If you don't sit properly, you will not be able to type freely and that's why after some time you feel tired and your typing speed and accuracy may drop.

Sit straight and keep a 24 to a 30-inch gap between your computer screen and your eyes. Use a height-adjustable chair and place your arms parallel to the keyboard. If possible, use an armrest-fitted keyboard.

Typing hacks 6: Practice consistently.

Practice makes a man perfect, everybody knows this but it's really difficult to practice regularly. You need to make a schedule and follow it properly. You have to be dedicated and consistent. Practice for just one hour every day for at least 3 months, you will see your typing skill improve a lot. Use our online typing test app to check your typing speed in just 1 minute. You may use this to practice as well.

Typing hacks 7: Use an ergonomic mechanical keyboard

The keyboard is the only tool that can impact your typing speed directly. Using a full-size ergonomic mechanical keyboard is best to practice typing. If you don't have a mechanical keyboard may use a full-size rubber dome keyboard (membrane). But using a laptop keyboard can hamper your typing speed.

Also, the keyboard layout can affect our typing. Many experts believe that the Qwerty keyboard is designed to slow down our typing speed. As in the early days, fast typing can jam the switches and levers on a typewriter. To solve the issue the designer of the Qwerty keyboard Christopher Latham Sholes place the keys in a scattered way and created a modern Qwerty layout.

Dvorak lovers believe that it was designed more scientifically and that's why it is more efficient than a Qwerty keyboard. Although the world’s fastest typist Stella Pajunas Garnand made the record by typing 216 words in a minute using a Qwerty keyboard.

Read this article to find the best article for you: Types of keyboard.

Typing hacks 8: Focus on Accuracy

We all want to make our typing fast and sometimes we forget about the accuracy rate. Sometimes we just ignore the accuracy rate and completely focus on the speed which is not a good idea. Accuracy is parallelly important as typing speed. If you make too many mistakes in your typing, you need to rectify those mistakes. And this ultimately reduces the average typing speed.

Typing hacks 9: Follow the rhythm of typing

Rhythm plays a vital role in our typing speed. Typing is repetitive work, where you need to hit keys again and again. And that's why if you find a rhythm, you can type long at a consistent speed.

Typing hacks 10: Don’t push yourself to type really fast

Sometimes pushing yourself to type fast can reduce the typing speed. When we try too hard to type fast, we make mistakes. And we need additional time to rectify those mistakes so that ultimately the average typing speed gets reduced.

These are the 10 typing hacks that you can apply to improve your typing skill. If you follow these steps your typing must get better and you will enjoy typing for a long.

Top 10 Typing Hacks
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