Top 9 improve typing speed games to enhance typing skills

28 July 2023Admin

From the beginning, games played a significant role in influencing people and inspiring us to learn something new. And we, especially children, have a massive attraction to computer games. That's why we can easily use games to teach several lessons to our kids. In this post, we will discuss top 9 improve typing speed games to improve typing skill.

Academic games are a type of games that are specially designed to teach some skill. Typing games are a particular type of educational games designed to learn and practice typing. It is a great way to learn typing while enjoying a game.

improve typing speed games

As typing games play a significant role in understanding the keyboard and improving typing skills, we have developed nine games to help you make your typing fast and more accurate. In this list, we will discuss 9 Typing games that help gain typing speed.

Before starting, I request you to read this article: "How to type fast?" and find our complete touch typing guide here.

Games for kids to increase typing speed

This section will discuss five "words typing games" and four "letter typing games" specially designed for kids. These games are rich in colors, graphics and sound effects, so these can easily attract kids.

Typing shooting game

typing shooting game

It is a word-typing game where monsters with small words come from the left side of your screen. You need to type the word to destroy the monster. The outer space environment of this game is so attractive that it must catch your kids' attention. Not only kids but also adults can play this game to improve their typing skills. The sound effect and overall gaming environment will grab your attention and help you to practice for a long.

Play typing shooting game

Kamikaze Typing Game

racing game

It is a typing attack game that is great for practicing typing for long. People who love fighting games must try this game to practice touch typing.

Kamikaze is the Japanese special attack unit that was created to conduct suicidal attacks against Allied forces in World War 2.

In this game, the Kamikaze fighter jets want to destroy your tank, and as a commander, your job is to destroy all the Kamikaze jets before they hit your unit.

The graphics of this game is designed to engage for a long time. The sound effect and the overall graphics will entertain you all the time, and you will never get bored.

Play Kamikaze typing game

Meteor typing game

racing game

The meteor typing game is a typing attack game with attractive graphics and sound effects. You need to select the difficulty levels. Beginners may select the easy level to start practicing. Once you become familiar with the game may select the hard level.

In this game, you must save your spacecraft from outer space meteors. Each meteor contains a small word. You need to type that word before it hits your spacecraft. In the first level, two-letter words will come with meteors. As the level increase, the number of characters will also increase.

Play Meteor typing game

Zombie Typing Game

racing game

We all love horror stories. In the Zombie typing game, you can feel the horror as well as can practice touch typing. This is a typing action game where zombies with English letters come from the left side of your screen. You need to eliminate all the zombies by throwing arrows. If zombies reach you, they will bite you, and the game will be over.

It is a great game for kids as they love playing horror games. However, anyone can play this game and make their typing better.

Play Zombie typing game

Typing Racing Game

racing game

Typing racing game is a word typing game that allows players to practice typing by car racing with other contestants. It's a great game to practice typing in an enjoyable way. Here the player needs to race with three other players and reach the finish line before them—this way, the players can compete with each other and practice typing. As most kids love to play racing games, this would be the best option to learn typing for them.

Play typing racing game

Typing war master

typing war master

Typing war master is a word typing game that was developed to type commonly used English words faster. In this game, you must save your village bombarded with word bombs. You need to type the words and destroy the bombs before they hit the ground. You will get ten lives, which means when the 10th bomb hits the ground, the game will be over, and it will show you the score.

It's a great game to practice touch typing and improve typing skills. Kids must try this game for typing practice.

Play Typing War Master

Bubble typing game

bubble typing game

It is a letter typing game, best for beginners to practice touch typing. Here bubbles containing letters appear from the bottom of the sea. Your job is to observe the letters and hit the proper key to pop it before it rises to the sea surface. In the first label, bubbles containing a single letter will come, and the number of letters will increase simultaneously with game levels. It is an exciting game that can help your kids to make their typing faster.

Play bubble typing game

Cat typing game

cat typing game

It is also a letter-typing game where a cute cat is set aside in a park. Arrows containing English letters come from the left side of your screen and hit the cat. Your task is to type the letters before the arrow hits the cat. Here the cat has six lives; that means after 6th arrow hits, the cat will die, and the game will end.

It's an attractive typing game for kids that will definitely pull your children's attention.

Play cat typing game

Typing war game

typing war game

This is a letter-typing game with attractive graphics and sound effects. It is a war game where the missiles fall from the sky, and you need to destroy the missiles by typing proper letters. The game automatically changes its background after every session. So you can enjoy the new environment every time you play it.

Play typing war game

These top 9 improve typing speed games will help you increase your typing speed. For more typing games, you may visit our typing game section. Hope this post will help you to learn touch typing in an enjoyable way. Please make your comment if you have any queries or suggestions.

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