6 reasons to be addicted to typing - benefits of touch typing

11 July 2018Admin

Sometime you might think that what is the need to learn typing? Why I should pay my time and attention to learn typing. Well in this article I am trying to explain you the benefits of touch typing.

In the modern age where computer, tabs and mobile are the main medium of communication a person should learn typing specially if you are or want to be a programmer, writer or any profession that need typing knowledge. You may notice that several companies mention WPM speed in their job vacancy advertisement. A recent report says that writing on computer can actually improve a person's brain processing power. Apart from that having the knowledge of touch typing improve your WPM and can improve your career also.

touch typing benefits

What is touch typing?
Touch typing is a process to type without looking in the keyboard. Actually it is the most efficient way to typing. You have to have the knowledge of touch typing if you want to speed up your typing speed to 60 or 80 WPM.

Is it important to use the conventional technique while typing?
Unless you have your own efficient technique, it is important to follow the traditional way of typing. But it is not necessary.

What is a good typing speed?
A professional typist can type 65 to 80 words per minute. As-per my concern 60 WPM is a good typing speed but you should try to do further better.

What keyboard should I use to practice typing?
Well, it’s depending on the availability. You may start with laptop or in desktop but it's good to practice in desktop keyboard. For that you may use any 104 keys desktop keyboard.

What language should I practice typing?
It’s depending on where you are from? You should learn according to your local requirement. But English typing has an international demand. You may use our online typing test in English program to practice English typing.

What is the career opportunity?
There are huge opportunities, as a typist you can apply in several writing houses, news agencies or you can simply sell your articles online.
So I think there are enough reasons to learn typing. This may lift your career in a certain way. The main reason is it don't harm you in any manner.

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