4 Ways to relaxing yourself during a long day of typing

21 February 2021Admin
Ways to relax yourself

For a lot of people today, typing is more than a passive activity. Rather, it's the foundation of daily occupation. We've looked at how to earn money online by typing and pointing to many different platforms that pay for written content. And while this sort of work can be excellent for occasional freelance contributions, plenty of people make a whole job out of the same opportunities. Combine this sort of freelance activity with the sheer number of people who are now working from home on their computers, and it's clear: Typing, for many, is livelihood!

This is wonderfully convenient in a lot of ways - but it can also be exhausting. An article at Vox referred to the fatigue associated with desk work and typing as "one of the great mysteries of adult life," and it is somewhat curious. That article theorized that typing all day might deplete a "mental store of energy" or that it might simply sap us of motivation over time. Whatever the case may be though, the bottom line is that typing through a full day's work - or really even just a few hours' hard work - can be quite tiring. And this is all the more true if you're one to prioritize typing speed and steady productivity.

To some extent, this is simply the nature of computer-based work. All hard work is exhausting in one way or another, and typing is no different. At the same time, though, taking strategic, relaxing breaks in between bouts at your keyboard can be an excellent way to retain that "mental store of energy" and stay fresh throughout the day. So, with that in mind, we wanted to highlight a few ideas for how to break up your typing work and stay fresh.

Do Something Luxurious

Sometimes the best way to escape your work and recharge for a little bit is simply to relax with a simple but luxurious activity. What this means really depends on your personal preferences! Maybe you take a half-hour bath with relaxing fragrances. Perhaps you sit back with some kind of personal massage appliance. Maybe curling up with a weighted blanket and an episode of your favorite show feels luxurious in the midst of a workday. Whatever the case, letting yourself soak up some relaxation is a good way to totally separate from your work for a short period of time so that you can get back to it fresh and rested.

Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is a terrific idea suggested in a Gala Bingo blog post on how to make the most of lunch breaks. As that post puts it, being mindful can "reduce stress and increase happiness" and send you back to work feeling relaxed and refreshed. Of course, practicing mindfulness can also mean a lot of different things. But generally, the idea is to find a way to detach from obligations and do something that slows your pulse and calms your mind. That may mean meditation; it may mean yoga; it may even mean something like filling in a coloring book or building LEGOs, both of which have become popular activities for adult relaxation. Regardless, spending some time on your mind will refresh you for your next bout of typing - and give your fingers a break as well!

Learn Something

The same blog post just mentioned with regard to mindfulness also suggests activities like reading a book or working on learning a new language. And actually, suggestions like these are more common than you might guess when it comes to work break recommendations. While there's certainly something to be said for disconnecting your mind completely, trying to learn something or better yourself is effective also. It keeps your brain active and stimulated but still gives you a rest from typing and focusing on your work-related content. You'll essentially enjoy a break and maintain mental energy at the same time. Plus, doing something productive can give you a positive mood boost.

Go for a Walk

You can also make the most of a break simply by taking a walk in the middle of the day. As is explained well in an article on Inc., a walking break gives you some physical activity, gives your eyes a break, and can even get your "creative juices" flowing in a way few other activities will. It's a full disconnect from your computer screen, and as with some of the other suggestions here, it gives your fingers a much-needed break from all that fast typing. You'll return from your walk ready to churn out some strong content - and maybe even ramp up that words-per-minute in the process! Try out some of these breaks, and you'll find that your day of typing is a bit less tiring. You may even discover that the quality of your work improves as well.

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