How to increase typing speed

04 March 2019Admin

Many of my students ask me the same question several times. How could I increase my typing speed? And the answer is by practicing a lot. But is it possible to achieve 80 WPM by just practicing? I think no. You have to practice in the right way only to achieve that speed.

how to increase typing speed

In this article, we will discuss all the major and minor but effective factors that actually influence your typing.

Improve your typing speed by using touch typing method

It is the main factor that can improve your typing skill. There are many typing methods available. You may choose any of it but the touch typing method is the fastest and most accurate typing method.

In this method, the typist doesn’t look at the keyboard while typing. They have memorized the keyboard layout.

If you are a beginner, this will be a little difficult for you to use touch typing. But once you understand the process and your fingers get set on the keyboard, you will love this method. To learn touch typing you may join our unique 30 days free typing lessons.

But if you really don’t want to learn touch typing, you may go for "Hunt & Peck" or "Hybrid" method. The "Hunt & Peck" method is the process where the typist read the matter and then types.

But this method has a major problem. As the person looks at the keyboard while typing if any error occurs it is impossible to know and find.

In this case, you may go for the Hybrid method. It is the combination of "Hunt & Peck" and "Touch typing" method. In this method, the typist memorized the keyboard layout and fixed their hand position. They only move their fingers to type. In this manner, they manage to type fast.

all typing methods

Speed is an addiction, don't let it drive you

Everyone willing to type fast and that’s why many people pushed themselves to type fast from the very beginning. It is very dangerous. When you have tried to type fast, you may make several mistakes. And to rectify those mistakes, you actually lose more time.

So my suggestion is, don’t try hard to type fast. Just do regular practice in the right way, your typing speed will automatically increase.

Practice Typing

Remember practice is the key to success. So make a schedule and practice at least one hour a day. If possible, do practice in the morning as our mind fresh in the morning.

But remember to follow all the rules while practicing. Don't look at the keyboard, don't try to type fast and use all of your fingers. If you can follow these things, you can easily improve your typing skill.

Dedication and consistency is a fundamental pillar of success. If you practice one day and forget to practice the next day, you can never improve your typing skill. So, be focus and love what you are doing.

Typing Games

Sometimes, you feel annoying to practice typing, especially when you practice for a long time. Typing games can be helpful at that time. It is also helpful for a person who is learning touch typing.

Playing typing games is really subsidiary to set fingers in the keyboard. So if you feel bored to practice typing for hours, you may enjoy typing games to improve your typing ability.

Other factors to improve your typing skill

Many small other factors are also responsible for your slow typing. It is very important, to take seriously to those small but powerful things. In this section, we will discuss those factors.

Do you ever think, you practice a lot, you follow all the rules of typing and also you are very serious about it but somehow you are unable to increase your typing speed after a limit? Many of you believe that it is the maximum speed limit you can type. But you may not right.

Practice is the most important part, but it is not the only thing which can affect your typing speed. There are many other factors also can influence your typing. Also, it is very important to practice in the right way to perform better.

What is the best way to practice typing and enhance your typing skill?

perfect body position

Well, it’s not a single line answer. You have to understand why you failed to increase your typing speed after a certain limit (50 to 55 WPM).

You failed because you are not focusing on silly things while typing. As you are focusing on the matter you are typing and the keys that you press, you forget all other factors. This fear makes you worried, and you forgot all the other things.

You forgot your hand position, sitting position, arm position, hand-eye coronation and some of you forgot to use their small finger too.

Did you ever think why there are two shift keys present in the keyboard? Why your keyboards have the dedicated "10 key-box" and why the spacebar is so long?

Hand position

Having the correct hand position is very important to increase your typing speed. You should seat straight and your hand should look perfect “L” shaped. You may think, it is a very silly thing, but it can affect a lot. Once you start sitting like this, you could feel the difference.

Arm position

keyboard arm pad

Many people leave their arm in the air while typing. But this is not the right way to type. You should place your arm on the table. But notice that the distance should not much higher than the keyboard. You can type for a long time if your arm placed in a rest mode.

Sometimes you get puzzled to type the keys and make mistakes. This may happen any time especially when you are tired. It’s good to stop typing and take a break when this happens.

There are several other factors can also influence your typing skill. For example, the height of your chair and the monitor, the distance between you and the monitor, the keyboard you use to type, the armrest and many other small things.

These factors look like very tiny and you may think these can’t affect a lot. But when you type for one hour continuously, this can make a huge difference.

We had conducted a survey on this matter and the result was really interesting. If a person types for half an hour he can increase his typing speed up-to 5 WPM if he follows all these small things.

Keyboard to use

The keyboard is one of the most vital things for typing. Using the right keyboard is very important. As this can increase typing speed a lot. I don’t say to use an expensive gaming keyboard but use any standard keyboard where the backspace and enter button is big enough. Also, any ideal keyboard must have "10 keys box" to type numbers. Don’t use a laptop keyboard or leaser keyboard to practice typing as this may reduce your capability.

To know more on the keyboards you may read my article: The best keyboard to boost your typing speed.

Many people have a different type of problem. They learn touch typing, memorize the keyboard layout but forget to use all the fingers while typing.

It is very important to use all of your fingers while typing. You simply can’t type faster with only your 2 or 3 fingers. Use all of your fingers to get a better result.

Lastly, one thing is very important, dedication. If you started typing recently, you may notice a very small improvement, even after practicing a lot and this can make you frustrated. You have to understand it is not magic. Your typing speed can’t increase 10 WMP to 60 WPM within just 2 weeks of practice.

You have to practice a lot without losing hope. Practice makes a man perfect, so you have to practice more and more to be an expert typist. There is no shortcut available to teach you.

The summary

Influencing factors:
The typing method you use, your practice timing, the keyboard you use and your hand, arm & sitting position.

Method to follow:
To increase typing speed, try to learn touch typing and follow it. If you think it is tough to follow touch typing you may follow Hunt & Peck or Hybrid method.

Make a schedule and follow it. Practice consecutively without leaving any day. Don’t try to type fast as this may cause wrong typing. Use all of your fingers while typing.

Play games:
You may play typing games to improve your finger-eye coordination. It is very helpful to set fingers on the keyboard.

Use full functional desktop keyboard. Don’t use a laptop or any other type of small keyboard to practice.

Body position:
Keep your back straight and place your arm on the table. Be relaxed when practicing. Try to practice in the morning, as our mind is fresh in the morning.

Hope you understand the complete matter. If you can follow those rules you will easily learn to type. If you have any query, please let me know in the comment section.