10 key typing test, and its importance

21 September 2020Admin

What is 10 key typing?

Ten keys are the bunches of number and symbol keys present at the right side of almost every desktop keyboard. The reason to have these keys is to type numbers and symbols fast. It is helpful, especially when you are typing zip code or telephone numbers or doing a calculation. This tool is handy for accounting and mathematical activities.

10 key box

If you look carefully, the NUM Lock is generally switched on when you start the system. The function of this Numeric Lock is to activate or deactivate the number keys.

Keystrokes per Hour (KPH) is the measuring unit of 10 key typing speed. A good typist can easily type at 10,000 to 12,000 KPH with zero errors. However, over 8000 KPH is considered as great speed.

What is 10 key typing test?

The ten key typing test is a process to check how fast a person can type numbers and symbols. We can quickly increase our ten key speed by practicing in the right way. The ten key touch typing process is very similar to the alphanumeric touch typing method. Unlike here, you can use only your right hand to type.

Ten key typing method

Before checking the ten key speed, it's essential to understand the process of 10 key typing. Anyone can achieve 10000 KPM speed by typing in the right process only. So it's crucial to know the proper way of 10 key typing.

Like alphanumeric typing, ten key numeric typing also has several methods. But here we will discuss touch typing as it is the fastest and most accurate way to type.

If you look carefully, you will find small plastic elevated on the "5" key. It is called the base key. Place the middle finger of your right hand over this key. Now place the index finger over the "4 (four)" key and ring finger over the "6 (six)" key. This finger position is called the home position. You have to return your fingers to the home position after every keystroke.

The "7", "4", "1" and "0" keys must be press by the index finger. The "/", "8", "5" & "2" keys by the middle finger, and "*", "9", "6", "3", ".", "-" & "+" by ring finger. The small finger must press the enter key.

How to achieve a good 10 key typing speed?

You can quickly improve your ten key speed by following the mentioned method. But it would help if you practice regularly to understand the system. Remember not to look at the keyboard while practicing; this way, you could enhance your typing skill faster.

Finally, one thing is significant than speed; it's accuracy. A good ten key speed is only valuable with zero mistakes. So don't push yourself hard to type fast as this can reduce the correctness; the speed will automatically increase day by day if you regularly practice.

Keep at least 30 minutes every day to practice. Make a schedule and follow it strictly. In the beginning, try to type only numbers. Once you understand it correctly, start practicing with numbers along with symbols. To practice, you may use this 10 key typing test program.

If anyone can practice daily 30 minutes consecutively for 60 days, he can effortlessly achieve 10,000 KPH speed.

Practical Uses of it

There are many uses of it. If you are an accountant or a data entry operator or a teacher, an excellent ten-key typing speed can save you a lot of time. Some data entry service providers often list job openings that require '10-key experience.' Proficiency in 10-key typing is an essential skill for individuals seeking employment in the data entry industry.

Moreover, it is a skill that is beneficial for everyone. So we must learn this skill and improve our ability.

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