The 10 key typing test, and its importance.

29 December 2018Admin
The 10 key typing test

What is 10 key typing?

10 keys are the bunches of number and symbol keys that present at right side of almost every desktop keyboard. The reason to have these keys is to type numbers fast. It is helpful especially when you are typing zip code or telephone numbers or doing a calculation.

If you look carefully, the NUM Lock is generally switched on when you start the system. The function of this Numeric Lock is to activate or deactivate the 10 keys.

Keystrokes per Hour (KPH) is the measuring unit of 10 key typing. A good typist can easily type 10,000 to 12,000 KPH with zero errors.

What is 10 key typing test?

The 10 key test is a process of checking how fast a person can type numbers and symbols. We can easily increase our 10 key speed by practicing in the right way.

10 key typing method

Before checking the 10 key speed, it's very important to understand the process of 10 key typing. Anyone can achieve 10000 KPM by the right process only. So it's very important to know the proper way of 10 key typing.

If you look carefully you will find small plastic elevated on the "5" key. It is called the base key. Place the middle finger of your right hand over this. The 7 4 1 and 0 keys must be press by the index finger. The / 8 5 & 2 keys by the middle finger, * 9 6 3 . - and + by ring finger and press enter by the small finger.

Remember to return the middle finger to the 5 key after every keystroke. Finally, one thing is very important the accuracy. The 10 key speed is only valuable with zero mistakes. So don't try to type fast, the speed will automatically increase day by day.

Once, you understand the right way it's time to practice. Keep at least 30 minutes every day to practice. Make a schedule and follow strictly. To practice, you may use this 10 key typing test program.

If anyone can practice daily 30 minutes consecutively for 60 days he can easily achieve the speed of 10,000 KPH.