Big questions on touch typing

17 February 2019Admin

Is touch typing still relevant today?

Many of you might think why should I learn to type? Why it is important to learn touch typing and what are the professions where typing speed matter the most?

Although this is the generation of artificial intelligence, where voice to type conversion software is available on the internet, one thing you should understand, artificial intelligence can’t replace human capabilities.

Actually, AI was developed to produce a better performance from human resources. So, you can assure that touch typing will never obsolete even after the development of the auto-typing system.

Now the question is where you can use your typing skill? Actually, there are many scopes available for a typist. For example, ticket booking counter to publication sectors, office job to your personal uses, typing required everywhere. If you are a programmer then you have to have a good typing skill.

Also if you are not in a profession where typing is mandatory, this can be an extra benefit for you. So if you thought typing is not for you, you might be wrong.

big questions on touch typing

What are the other methods to type fast than touch typing?

Hunt & Peck, Hybrid, Buffering and Thumbing these are the other typing methods. If you are unable to remember the keyboard layout and that's why unable to learn touch typing, Hybrid method is best for you. However, it is not possible to type as fast as touch typing with any other method.

Hybrid method is the combination of Touch Typing and Hunt & Peck method. An expert can easily type about 50 WPM with this technique. But there is no other faster method than touch typing.

Is it difficult to learn and adopt touch typing, if I am using any other method?

Sometimes it is a little difficult to change the typing method. But if you practice regularly you can learn this method easily.

Many of you think that touch typing is good to increase speed only but that’s wrong. It is also good to achieve great accuracy rate. In Hunt & Peck method, the typist looks at the keyboard and not on the screen so if any error occurs the typist is unaware of that but in touch typing the typist look at the computer screen so if any error occurs the typist can easily understand and rectifying it.

Remember, touch typing is the fastest method, so it may take some time to learn but once you adopt the process your writing speed and accuracy will increase heavily.

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